The way that I work is very different to traditional talk therapy. I’m committed to helping clients break through, whatever it takes. My clients are unique, and the way that I work with each client is customised to best suit their needs, personality, scope of trauma and the results they are seeking.
One of the powerful tools I use in my holistic healing approach is Time Line Therapy®. This is an advanced therapeutic technique, unique and transformative process that allows clients to work with their unconscious mind. This is where memories, emotions, and limiting beliefs are stored. Helping clients to connect with their Time Line, together we gain insights into the root causes of your emotional patterns and self-limiting beliefs.

Utilising Time Line Therapy®, I help clients to release negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, and hurt that may have been accumulated over a life time. These unresolved emotions often create dis-ease in the body. Upon release, client experience a newfound sense of freedom and clarity.

Before embarking on a journey along your Time Line, be sure to do it with a skilled practitioner FIRST. Repressed memories can be uncovered, and negative emotions unlocked – it’s imperative that this process is done with someone you trust, with experience in getting clients safely out of any negative states.

* I am certified as a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Time Line Therapy, currently completing a 5 year post-study Master Trainer Certification. I run globally accredited Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification Trainings through my training institute, The Holistic Healers Academy.


I’m a big fan of helping my clients to understand the why behind their behavior. What are their values? How are these values translating into the believes the client has formulated about themselves, that are getting in the way of what they actually want? This is where NLP comes in. It’s literally the study of excellence; learning how to communicate directly with the brain.

I use NLP to increase motivation and memory, changing the client’s state quickly, and anchoring in positive states that they can then recall at a later time. It’s a powerful methodology for breaking bad habits, installing new (healthy) strategies, and empowering them with the power of the spoken word.

On occasions where clients have presented with multiple or split personalities, I use NLP to safely integrate the two personalities, or parts, that are in conflict.

* I am a certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, currently completing a 5 year post-study Master Trainer Certification. I run globally accredited Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification Training through my training institute, The Holistic Healers Academy.


Tapping into direct communication with the unconscious mind, I use hypnotherapy to facilitate positive changes quickly with my clients, in a very gentle, non-evasive way. The state of hypnosis is really just a state of deep relaxation, which is the state in which connection with the unconscious mind is the strongest. Here, the unconscious mind becomes more receptive to positive suggestions which helps to facilitate healing.

I use hypnotherapy to help address various issues such as anxiety, addictions and self-limiting beliefs. It is particularly effective in relieving stress, boosting self-confidence, and supporting behaviour modification. By unlocking the potential of the unconscious mind, clients are better able to access their inner resources and make transformative changes, facilitating a harmonious balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

I am certified as a Trainer of Hypnotherapy, and teach my students how to safety use hypnotherapy in their lives and with their own clients, My 3 Day Hypnosis Trainings are globally accredited, and can be taken online or in person through my my training institute, The Holistic Healers Academy.


The physical body plays such a vital role in healing. Ensuring my clients have a basic level of understanding in holistic nutrition is part of the service I offer. Food recommendations are non-restrictive, easily customisable and safe. There is no ‘dieting’ – nutrition serves to help the body get back into balance quickly.

* I am a certified Nutritionist with over 10 years experiencing in food and nutrition coaching, registered with the Nutrition Council of Australia.


It’s incredible how powerful your breath is in promoting health and healing to the body. This technique that focuses on conscious and intentional control of the breath to bring about various physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Through specific breathing patterns and techniques, breath work enhances the flow of life force energy (also known as prana or chi) within the body. This practice can release physical tension, reduce stress, and promote emotional release and healing. By harnessing the power of the breath, my clients can access a deeper level of self-awareness and expansion. Breathwork also facilitates the release of trapped emotions, especially when combined with Time Line Therapy.

* I am certified as a Trauma Informed Breath Work Practitioner, trained to use 6 different breathing sequences which help with relaxation, arousal, sleep induction, active trauma release and more.


Somatic release is a holistic therapeutic approach that focuses on releasing physical tension and emotional stress stored in the body’s tissues. It works on the mind-body connection, where unresolved emotions can manifest as physical pain or discomfort. Utilising body movement and activating specific breath work patterns, somatic release aims to facilitate the release and integration of these trapped emotions from the body. The process encourages individuals to become more present in their bodies, aware of the emotions that are present. Somatic releasing brings a greater sense of alignment with my client’s authentic self.

I spent years doing much work with therapists to understand my own body. This practice led to me channel my own methodology for somatic release which dives into the release of trauma on the deepest level of the body. I’ve used this approach to release trauma that the client can’t speak about; we release it somatically instead.


Re-parenting ourselves through inner child healing helps address unresolved childhood wounds and traumas. It recognizes that our childhood experiences significantly influence our beliefs, behaviors, and emotional patterns in adulthood. Inner child healing helps individuals reconnect with and nurture their inner child—the younger, vulnerable version of themselves that experienced pain or neglect.

I work intuitively to help my clients take care of the younger version of themselves that was neglected, abandoned, or not shown the love they needed at the time, releasing the emotional baggage and cultivate compassion for self (and for the person who may have hurt them). This technique involves visualization and Nuero Linguistic Programming, while safely moving clients through the heavy events of their past, through to freedom and empowerment for self.